How Social Media Works for Early Childhood Education Centers

How Social Media Works for Early Childhood Education Centers

When you are running errands around town, stop and take a minute. What do you see? I see a man taking a call on his phone while walking across the street, a young woman working on her computer while her kids are playing at the park, two teenagers making a YouTube video. The point is they’re all busy. So if everyone you see is buried deep in their phone or tablet, how do you reach them? How do you get them to listen to what you have to say about your preschool? The answer is social media.

Social media has become a much more relevant ECE marketing tool over the past decade, a tool that should be utilized to its full potential to work for you and your preschool. Having access to one or more best-fit social media accounts allows ECE Centers to create posts with pictures or content directed toward target clients, allowing preschools to engage more with parents, advertise their school, and create a community around their vision.

Which Social Media Network Should I Choose?

When choosing which social media platform you would like to develop your network with, keep in mind to make your choices
based on predetermined, specific goals for the center. The work involved with the setup and maintenance of each site is tedious, so it’s better to get accustomed to one or two networks first and then add more over time rather than being overwhelmed. So, what’s out there?

Facebook and Instagram
– Most millennials and prospective families socialize on Facebook groups or follow interest pages. These platforms provide your center with the opportunity to show what you’re all about and the children’s daily activities.

– Leverage this platform to actively engage prospective families and develop a conversation from your channel by posting videos, and linking to your videos from your own website. 

– This is a captive network of families in your area. There is a high chance that your current families, prospective families, or an influencer are on Nextdoor. Here’s your chance to put yourself out there. 

– This social network is often under-leveraged in early childhood education. Its usefulness is essential in legitimizing and validating the center professionally and can be helpful for strategic alliances and connecting with more affluent families.

– This network is famous for attracting DIYers, crafters, and moms everywhere. Your center has the opportunity to post fun crafts, activities, or other pictures to captivate its target audience.

What Makes a Successful Social Media Page?

You’ve chosen your first social media platform to develop, now what’s the next step? 

Make it look engaging and professional! Add some pictures! Every parent loves to see photos of children enjoying themselves. 

When creating your center’s page, familiarize yourself with the network by exploring other local preschool pages and what they’re posting. It’s best to make sure you can successfully navigate your way through the site before making your center’s page public. Ensuring the name, visual appeal, and description are thoroughly and accurately accomplished will leave prospective families with a professional and inviting feel. 

Another essential step in networking through social media is maintaining your center’s social media presence. Remember, social media doesn’t take a break; your efforts will go to waste if you don’t keep up with the page. Therefore, ensure you’ve scheduled time for specific maintenance such as replying to messages, reacting and responding to comments, and scheduling posts. 

3 Steps to Planning Posts

Step 1:
Layout your known posts on a calendar, such as holidays, important center dates, and time-sensitive events.

Step 2:
Plan out ten “anytime” posts for the upcoming quarter, ready for hectic days. If they’re not used, you can always save them for a rainy day. 

Step 3:
Decide on when you’ll post every week. Ensure to have your photos and other materials prepared, including time management.

Different Types of Posts

There are various posts you can publish depending on which platform you choose to network with. For example, suppose a holiday is approaching. In that case, you can post fun, artsy craft instructions, pictures of the children, or holiday hours and closings (if they change), among other events and activities. 

Other posts should include information about your school like Meet the Teachers, your mission statement, and background information. They can even be informative posts about important milestones for young children, ECE research facts, or employment opportunities. 

Having access to social media can be very valuable in reinforcing credibility, visibility, and social presence among centers like yours.
The sky’s the limit. As long as your page is clean, professional-looking, and full of relevant content, you will have no problem welcoming families to your school. 

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