Smart Marketing Services
To Help Your Preschool Thrive

The Preschool Marketing Group specializes in helping preschools increase enrollment and revenue by maximizing their marketing efforts. We focus on smart, ethical, and modern marketing strategies to make sure your preschool gets the most value out of every marketing dollar spent. Here are the four core services we offer to help your preschool thrive:

Preschool Marketing ConsultingMonthly Preschool Marketing Retainers

Marketing is a full time job! At most preschools however, it’s usually someone with pre-existing responsibilities that gets tasked with marketing. We offer monthly marketing retainers to help alleviate some of that pressure. We offer low cost “DIY with our help” options, and full service “done mostly for you” options. Either way, you will get the marketing information and ideas you need, along with the hands on help to implement them.
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Preschool Website DesignPreschool Website Design & Redesign

The first impression a parent gets of your school after a word of mouth referral, is usually provided to them by your website. Most preschool websites do a poor job of truly representing the programs and people behind them. We make sure that your website is a true reflection of who you are, and the unique value you offer. We also use WordPress, so you can make changes to your own website if you like, or we can make those changes for you.
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Preschool SEOGoogle Local SEO for Preschools

When it comes to searching for preschools online, Google is the go-to search engine for most families. You don’t need a study to tell you that the top ranking spots in Google get the most visitors. You want to be ranking in those top spots for the terms that local families are searching for so you can draw the attention of those families. We work with your preschool to make sure that you are as optimized as possible to make it into those top spots on Google.
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Preschool AdvertisingPreschool Advertising Services

Sadly, we’ve heard the stories… “We pay a monthly fee and have seen little or no results…”, “We pay a company, but have no idea if it’s working”, “We ran ads on Google/Facebook and it didn’t work, so we gave up”. It’s OK, we know why, and we can fix it. If you prefer to put your marketing budget toward advertising over other marketing activities, we can setup and manage your ads for you in a way that works right for preschools.
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Other Services We Offer to Preschools

While we focus on the above, The Preschool Marketing Group is a full-service marketing and design company. This makes us a “one stop shop” for all aspects of your preschool’s marketing and website needs. So if you already have a solid marketing plan in place and you are looking for someone to help you put it into action, we offer package prices for one-off marketing campaigns. Or in cases where DIY gets you 85% of the way but you get stuck for technical or design reasons, we would be happy to jump in take care of the rest for you at our hourly rate. Just need to make changes to your website but no longer in touch with your old web designer?, we can help at our hourly rate. We can also help you with everything brand related, from designing professional custom printables (like handbooks, diplomas, certificates, calendars, posters, door signs, worksheets, etc.), to clothing (T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats and more), and even merchandise to help you better brand the environment at your preschool (like Clocks, Wall Decals, Posters, Buttons, Magnets, Water Bottles, iPad Sleeves, Pillows, Rugs, Notecards, Invitations & Announcements, Jigsaw Puzzles, Mylar Balloons, and more). In short, our clients know that if they need something designed, developed or just need a helping hand with anything technical, to ask us first. We can conveniently take care of most things without clients needing to find and hire another third party service.

"I definitely have more families coming in from finding us on the internet than previously and I have developed best practices to better market to families who visit the school. I highly recommend Tiffany and the Preschool Marketing Group. You will benefit from their guidance, both personally and professionally."

− Peggy Clabough, Director - Little Footprints Learning Center