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When it comes to searching for preschools online, Google is the go-to search engine for most families. You don’t need a study to tell you that the top ranking spots in Google get the most visitors. You want to be ranking in those top spots for the terms that local families are searching for so you can draw the attention of those families. We work with your preschool to make sure that you are as optimized as possible to make it into those top spots on Google.

What is our Preschool SEO Starter package?

Our Preschool SEO Starter package is designed to help preschools increase enrollment by increasing visibility online, while keeping costs manageable by spreading our fees out over time. Simply put: we get your preschool in front of the families that matter at a price that’s sensible to you.

What will be included in your Preschool SEO Starter package?

Our results-focused approach to local marketing for your preschool is centralized on finding, reaching, and attracting local families. With your Preschool SEO Starter package you can expect to see both your website and Google Local profile optimized for families who are searching for a preschool like yours. We also ensure that your preschool’s critical business information (name, address, and phone number) are included in the most influential places online (hundreds in total). Then, we set you up with solid strategies (including offline printable material) for obtaining those ever-important online reviews and inbound links for your preschool.

Features of Your Preschool SEO Starter Package:

  • On-Site Local SEO Audit & Optimizations
  • Local Keyword Research
  • Google Local Listing Optimization
  • Local Citation Building
  • Customized Review Encouragement Strategy
  • Print-Ready Review Encouragement Collateral
  • Attracting Positive Reviews Consulting Call
  • Local Link Building Strategy
  • Monthly Reporting

You will be kept informed about our progress on your campaign and the results we have achieved for your preschool. On the next page is a detailed outline of what you can expect from your Preschool SEO Starter package. It includes a description of the tasks we will perform, the scheduling of a typical campaign, and what deliverables you can expect along the way.

Your Preschool SEO Starter package
Tasks & Timeline

Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Months 5 & 6

  • Client Survey and Market Research
  • Local Preschool Keyword Research
  • Baseline Report Data Gathering
  • On-Site Local SEO Audit & Optimizations


  • Kick-Off Call
  • Keyword Research Report
  • On-Site SEO Audit Results
  • Local SEO Optimizations Applied to Your Preschool’s Website
  • Baseline Report on Key Performance Indicators

  • Google Local Listing Optimization
  • Local Citation Building


  • Optimizations Applied to Your Google Local Listing
  • Reporting on Key Performance Indicators

  • Develop Customized Review Encouragement Strategy
  • Design/Develop Review Encouragement Collateral


  • Customized Review Encouragement Strategy
  • Print-Ready Review Encouragement Collateral
  • Attracting Positive Reviews Training Call
  • Reporting on Key Performance Indicators

  • Local Link Building Research & Competitor Link Analysis
  • Develop Customized Local Link Building Strategy


  • Customized Local Link Building Strategy
  • Reporting on Key Performance Indicators

  • Actively monitor your website, Google Local listing, citation count, review count, and link count, providing you with any additional feedback we feel will be helpful to your campaign.


  • Reporting on Key Performance Indicators
  • Summary Call (end of month 6)

All of our direct work on your campaign is complete within the first four months, but it usually takes some time for the search engines to catch up to all the work that has been done. In months five, and six, we will continue to actively monitor your campaign, and send you regular monthly reports. In month six, we will also provide you with a summary call for the campaign where we can compare the baseline and ending reports to show you the overall campaign results achieved for your preschool, and answer any questions you may have about the path forward.

About Our Results-Focused Approach to Local Preschool Marketing

We have refined our process to develop the most effective, efficient, and future-proof approach to local search marketing for preschools. We work within Google’s guidelines (i.e. White Hat techniques) to optimize your preschool’s website and business listings, ensuring that when the right families come looking, they find you above your competition. Here is a streamlined overview of the tactics we use to increase your preschool’s online presence:

Step 1: Getting To Know Your Preschool

The only way to truly discover where your most qualified families are searching (and what they are searching for) is to have a thorough understanding of your preschool and the area you are located in.

We take time to learn about each of our new preschool clients through an introductory survey and a follow-up phone call in order to ensure that we “get” your specific preschool and market. We combine everything you can tell us about your preschool with proprietary market research and competitive research in order to help us build a profile of the right families to target.

Step 2: Local Keyword Research

Once we have a thorough understanding of your target audience, we perform keyword research. We will find actual search terms that families are using to find preschools in your area.

When performing keyword research, we consider many factors, including the relevance of each keyword to your audience’s wants and needs, the estimated monthly search volume (via Google) of each keyword, the level of difficulty required for success with each keyword, and any current organic search traffic and analytics data that is available.

Step 3: On-Site Local SEO Audit & Optimizations

Succeeding in local search means making sure your preschool’s website has the proper, competitive local signals. At the start of each campaign, we perform an in-depth audit of your website to make sure it is optimized for success.

We audit every single page on your website, focusing on both standard SEO best practices as well as local-specific techniques that assist our efforts, including proper local keyword targeting, proper placement of school contact information, proper use of Google maps links, microformat markup, proper site architecture, and more. When we find an important element that is missing or poorly implemented, we make every effort to fix it for you.

Step 4: Google Local Optimization

One of the most important factors in Google’s local search algorithm is your entry in their proprietary business listings (now called Google Local, formally Google+ Local/Google Places). We have the expertise to make sure your preschool’s listing is claimed, complete, and optimized. We fill out your listing with accurate, locally-targeted information about your preschool. We know exactly which parts of the business listings search engines will rely on for their rankings, and how to correctly optimize those areas.

Step 5: Local Citation Building

Citations are quite simply instances of your preschool’s name, address, and phone number throughout the web. Having a high volume of quality citations from relevant, authoritative sources can help boost your preschool in the local search rankings.

We will make sure that families see the information you need them to see, wherever they’re looking. We do this by submitting your preschool’s profile to multiple publishers and national data providers via direct feed. This powerful and effective broadcast of your preschool’s business information will result in citations (hundreds in total) from relevant and authoritative websites. Major data warehouses like Infogroup, Neustar Localeze, Acxiom, and Factual are included. Your business will also be listed with data providers that make up a significant part of the local search landscape. We will also ensure that your schools listings are complete and accurate in online yellow pages sites like Superpages and, Portals and guides like AOL and Citysearch, mobile devices like Android and iPhone (via apps), 411 directory assistance services, GPS navigation services, and even Telematics services like OnStar.

Step 6: Strategizing to Attract Positive Reviews

Attracting positive reviews for your preschool is an essential part of the local search optimization process. Not only are positive reviews a great way to make your preschool stand out to local families looking for a school like yours, they are also a quality signal in Google’s local search algorithm.

We provide you with intuitive and effective ways to attract and gather reviews. We find the right tactics for your preschool and then provide you with printable materials that you can use to help promote the reviewing of your school.

Step 7: Strategizing to Attract Links to Your Website

Attracting links for your preschool’s website is another essential part of the local search optimization process. Links are both a great way to drive referral traffic to your website, and are a major quality signal in Google’s local search algorithm.

We perform extensive competitor link profile research and combine that with our specific knowledge of common link opportunities for preschools, to develop an initial list of websites that you should consider pursuing links from. We will provide you with a custom link building strategy that will include not only our initial list of link opportunities discovered through your competitors, but also proven techniques you can use to find and attract more links for your preschool’s website over time.

Step 8: Monitoring and Reporting

Although it is the last step on our list, monitoring and reporting takes place throughout every step of your campaign. Our preschool clients always understand our strategy, our progress, and our results. We keep a close eye on the results we have achieved for your preschool by monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your campaign. While these may vary slightly from campaign to campaign, generally these KPIs include:

  • Changes in search engine rankings for local-themed keywords
  • Local-themed organic search visits
  • Referral traffic from local visitors
  • Total number of citations
  • Total number of links
  • Observed increases in families contacting you

What will your Preschool SEO Starter package Cost?

The Preschool SEO Starter Package will cost your preschool $2,400 total. However, our goal is to keep that cost manageable for preschools by spreading the fee out over a twelve-month period. This means the monthly cost to your preschool is just $200. We have found $200 to be a monthly cost that preschool marketing budgets can more easily support. It also has the side effect of increasing your enrollment while the campaign is still ongoing, making the monthly fee even easier to pay over time.

An Important Note About Value & Return on Investment (ROI)

It’s important to note that each new enrollment we help you secure has an actual dollar value for your school. The dollar value of a single student is often in the thousands of dollars per year, and the average student stays with a preschool for three years. What that exact lifetime dollar value for each student is for your own school will differ, but when you consider the low cost of the Preschool SEO Starter Package compared to the high financial return you should expect to see as a result of your investment, the value of the package becomes quite clear.

Who is the Preschool Marketing Group?

The Preschool Marketing Group is a full-service marketing consulting and creative studio with the mission of helping preschools thrive through smart marketing. We specialize in helping preschools increase enrollment and revenue by maximizing their marketing efforts. We focus on smart, ethical, and modern marketing strategies to make sure your preschool gets the most value out of every marketing dollar spent.

What makes PMG unique?

We are a marketing company that is immersed in, and focused on, the world of early childhood education marketing. It’s what we do all day, every day. Because of this, no other marketing company can offer you the type of hands-on expertise we have when it comes to generating awareness and interest with prospective families in your area. We are trusted by preschools all over the US, and are active in the ECE leadership community. We’ve given webinars, held information sessions, and have been invited to speak at events for organizations like the Association of Early Learning Leaders (AELL) about topics that include preschool website design, information architecture, copy development, and modern marketing strategies for ECE leaders.

About Us

The Preschool Marketing Group is driven to help great preschools and early childhood education centers succeed through smart marketing. We help schools leverage the convergence of change that has occurred in the past decade to get in front of today’s families with young children by offering a variety of services that bridge the gap between online and offline marketing. It’s our goal to ensure that your marketing and communication strategies are as amazing as your preschool is. We love helping great schools thrive.

What Our Clients Have To Say…

“I definitely have more families coming in from finding us on the internet than previously and I have developed best practices to better market to families who visit the school. I highly recommend Tiffany and the Preschool Marketing Group. You will benefit from their guidance, both personally and professionally.”
– Peggy Clabough, Director – Little Footprints Learning Center

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