About Us

Preschool Marketing Group

The Preschool Marketing Group is driven to help great preschools and early childhood education centers succeed through smart marketing. We offer a variety of services that bridge the gap between online and offline marketing. We help schools leverage the convergence of change that has occurred in the past decade to get in front of today’s families with young children. It’s our goal to ensure that your marketing and communication is as amazing as your school is. We love helping schools thrive.

Our Leadership

Brian Foy

Co-Founder and Lead Strategist

Brian founded his premier web design business in the mid 1990s, completing his first client website in 1996, making him a veteran in the field of digital marketing. Brian’s experience and skills grew as the web evolved into a powerful tool that allows businesses large and small to thrive in the now ubiquitous online marketing world. Now as lead strategist for the Preschool Marketing Group, Brian takes an active role in guiding the day-to-day strategic execution of client initiatives. If a task involves web analytics, one or more lines of code, or the design of something, he has the lead.


Tiffany Torres

Co-Founder and Chief Creator of Opportunities

Tiffany has an extensive professional background in technology and content production. She began working with computers and the internet in 2000, and has been in love with it ever since. Following a successful six-year career with a worldwide leader in publishing and education, Tiffany moved into marketing full time in 2007. She’s an enthusiastic advocate about childhood development and the amazing benefits of great learning opportunities for little minds. Her goal is to create opportunities for preschools, and their prospective families, by driving awareness, communicating value, and helping preschools discover their perfect marketing solutions.

Our Mission, Purpose, and Values

Our mission, here at the Preschool Marketing Group, is to provide great marketing solutions to preschools and early childhood education centers.

Our purpose is to help you demonstrate the unparalleled quality of your school. We’re driven to help great schools succeed.

We offer unparalleled value by being fully absorbed in early childhood education marketing to serve our schools with highly specialized knowledge that helps you get to where you need to be.

We approach each and every school and program with respect for diversity in educational philosophy, demographics, and audiences.

We apply integrity to every element of our work. All marketing efforts are “white hat,” moral approaches. All work is completed by our amazing team here at the PMG offices, with no outsourcing or subcontracting to third-party companies.

We pursue every element of  our work with joy, knowing that our efforts hold strong purpose. Early childhood education is one of the most noble pursuits. Helping you teach more of tomorrow’s leaders is our joy.

We approach our clients with empathy. We aim to demonstrate understanding by listening to our school’s goals and dreams, and make them our own.

We strive to ensure that schools of all levels, areas, demographics, and technical capabilities have access to valuable, meaningful ECE marketing options.

Our History

The Preschool Marketing Group started as a natural extension of a husband and wife marketing team that had been in small business marketing for over 19 years; helping hundreds of businesses grow. We decided to focus on childcare marketing because we’ve discovered, as parents, how important it is to make sure that great preschools are matched with great families. The Preschool Marketing Group has grown with the help of our wonderful team. We love helping preschools and early childhood education centers thrive through smart marketing.