Preschool Marketing Consulting

You’re running a school that serves the makers and leaders of tomorrow. Get the marketing help you need to fulfill your mission.

There’s so much that goes into getting and staying full with a waitlist. Keeping families happy, having the right teachers and programs, keeping costs low, and getting out to new families. And smart marketing is the cornerstone of everything you need to make your preschool thrive.

We look at four main areas of concentration:


Inquiries are about building awareness. Programs can’t be filled if no one knows you exist, or if your programs aren’t positioned competitively.


Tours are the sales point for an ECE. It's your chance to wow and impress a prospective new family. From tour packets to tour training, we help you show off your programs in ways that delight and impress.


It all comes down to enrollment for every program. We show you, and help you implement step-by-step approaches to get families to enroll.


Retention is about re-enrollment; keeping the students you’ve worked to get in your programs. With all the competition and choices, having great programs isn't enough. It matters how you communicate and engage with your current families.

How do I get started?


Get in touch for a complimentary consultation


We put together options for you based on your programs’ needs and budget


We will implement that plan together