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The first impression a parent gets of your school after a word of mouth referral, is usually provided to them by your website. Most preschool websites do a poor job of truly representing the programs and people behind them. We make sure that your website is a true reflection of who you are, and the unique value you offer. We also use WordPress, so you can make changes to your own website if you like, or we can make those changes for you.

What is our Preschool Website Design
& Redesign service, and How Does it Work?

Our Preschool Website Design process is the result of a long-term dedication to honing our web development strategy over the years, and through our preschool website design service, your Preschool will truly benefit from our experience and expertise.

Why is your Preschool’s Website Important?

Your Preschool’s website is an important marketing tool for prospective families, current families, and for increasing awareness through Google and other search engines. Prospective families will use your preschool’s website to learn about your programs to determine if they want to take a tour; what makes you different, and why they should choose you over a competitor. Current families will use the website as a resource, and point their family and friends to your website for word-of-mouth referrals. Google uses your website to understand your program offerings, and learn what you’re all about for their rankings.

A great Preschool Website is visually appealing, looks and works great across all devices (from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets), provides excellent information, and offers clear next steps to prospective families.

How does PMG create your preschool’s perfect website?

We have years of experience creating the perfect Preschool Website for early childhood education centers. We have worked with hundreds of schools, and have exclusive insight into what families are looking for in a great ECE website.

Our process is a collaborative one, where we work closely with you to ensure your new website will be a success. Each step of our five-stage process includes formal review and approval points ensuring that the final preschool website we deliver meets your expectations. Simply put: When you reach the end of your website design or redesign project, you will be happy with the results.

The Five Stages of Our Design Process are:

Stage 1: Discovery

In the Discovery Stage, we work with you to create the overall plan for your new website. The

Discovery Stage emphasizes the objectives of the website and how it supports your overall goals as a preschool looking to attract new families and retain current enrollments. This plan then guides the subsequent steps in the process. To create the plan, we will:

  • Lead a brainstorming and planning session where we discuss your
    current website, the needs of your local families, preschool staff,
    and possible approaches for the future.
  • Help you decide on a base theme
  • Review project goals and timeline
  • Collect content and materials for the new website

The heart of this stage is refining the plan for the website, setting goals, and establishing a timeline to ensure the project’s success. The Discovery Stage will conclude with your satisfaction and approval of the project plan, goals, timeline, and base theme.

Stage 2: Information Architecture

In the Information Architecture Stage we realize the core aspects of the plan through:

  • Creation of the information architecture which supports
    easy-to-access information
  • Defining the navigation strategy
  • Collaborating with your school’s leadership to establish copy and content

The Information Architecture will conclude with your satisfaction and approval of the website navigation, information architecture, and web copy.

Stage 3: Design

In the Design Stage Preschool Marketing Group creates any graphics needed to customize your theme to make it your own. We incorporate graphics, photos, fonts, colors, and other design elements that fit together to create an impressive, harmonious design. Our goal is to create an accurate sense of style that matches your school through the graphic elements and color scheme. This stage also includes the implementation of strategic call-to-action (CTAs) to allow prospective families to get in touch with your school to request more information and book a tour.

The Design Stage will conclude with your satisfaction and approval of the theme modifications.

Stage 4: Quality Assurance and Training

While quality assurance is an integral part of every stage in the processes, in the Quality Assurance we:

  • Perform extensive functional testing
  • Review content

The Quality Assurance will conclude with the website functioning properly.

Stage 5: Final Launch

In the Final Launch Stage, the website is moved to the production server. Our launch process includes the installation of necessary software, making configuration changes, and transferring the code and content. Once transferred, we again go through a final quality assurance process to ensure that the website made the transfer without introducing any errors. The Final Launch Stage will conclude with your satisfaction and approval of your fully launched new website.

Post-Launch: Training

In Training, we’ll set up a session to teach you how to edit your new website, including editing copy, adding photos, and updating PDF files (such as menus and calendars).

What Will Your Preschool’s New Website Cost?

Since each school will be unique, the total cost will vary slightly from school to school, however, we know that most preschools can expect to pay between $2,000 and $5,500 total. For schools with a larger design budget ($5,500+), we will have the time to work additional custom features and functionality into your new website. If you would like to know more about what your schools new website would cost, please request a free consultation.

What makes PMG unique?

We are a marketing company that is immersed in, and focused on, the world of early childhood education marketing. It’s what we do all day, every day. Because of this, no other marketing company can offer you the type of hands-on expertise we have when it comes to generating awareness and interest with prospective families in your area. We are trusted by preschools all over the US, and are active in the ECE leadership community. We’ve given webinars, held information sessions, and have been invited to speak at events for organizations like the Association of Early Learning Leaders (AELL) about topics that include preschool website design, information architecture, copy development, and modern marketing strategies for ECE leaders.

About Us

The Preschool Marketing Group is driven to help great preschools and early childhood education centers succeed through smart marketing. We help schools leverage the convergence of change that has occurred in the past decade to get in front of today’s families with young children by offering a variety of services that bridge the gap between online and offline marketing. It’s our goal to ensure that your marketing and communication strategies are as amazing as your preschool is. We love helping great schools thrive.

What Our Clients Have To Say…

“The Preschool Marketing Group has been a pleasure to work with. They have constructive ideas. They are always available and patient in helping you through your website design. I can recommend the Preschool Marketing Group without reservation.”
– Kristi Byk, the CBTS School, a center for early childhood education.

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