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Sadly, we’ve heard the stories… “We pay a monthly fee and have seen little or no results…”, “We pay a company, but have no idea if it’s working”, “We ran ads on Google/Facebook and it didn’t work, so we gave up”. It’s OK, we know why, and we can fix it. If you prefer to put your marketing budget toward advertising over other marketing activities, we can setup and manage your ads for you in a way that works right for preschools.

What is our Preschool AdWords Management service?

Our Preschool AdWords Management service is designed to help preschools increase enrollment by running targeted, optimized, and well managed ads on Google. We help preschools by professionally managing their AdWords account in a way that only a specialist in both preschool advertising and Google AdWords can. Simply put: As your AdWords managers, we will get your preschool in front of the right families, with the right message, at the right time – all for a monthly fee that’s sensible to you.

AdWords Management service?

Our results-focused approach to advertising for your preschool on Google is centralized on finding, reaching, and attracting your local families. With your preschool’s AdWords Management service you can expect to see an increase in visits to your website by families who are searching for a preschool like yours. To achieve this goal we set up an AdWords account for you (or optimize your existing account), then every month manage your account, performing optimizations with the goal of bringing as many local families to your website as possible for your advertising budget.

Your Preschool’s AdWords Management Service Features:

Setup & Optimization Tasks

  • Set-up/Optimization of Overall Account Settings
  • Set-up/Optimization of Campaign Settings
  • Set-up/Optimization of Keywords & Negative Keywords
  • Set-up/Optimization of Ad Scheduling
  • Set-up/Optimization of Geo-Targeting
  • Set-up/Optimization of Ad Extensions
  • Set-up/Optimization of Ad Group Structure
  • Set-up/Optimization of Ad Copy
  • Set-up/Optimization of Starting Bids
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Initial Keyword Research

Ongoing Monthly Management Tasks

  • Bidding Review & Optimization
  • Keyword Match Type Assessments
  • Keyword List Expansion and Reduction
  • Negative Keyword List Expansion and Reduction
  • Ad Copy A/B Testing & Optimization
  • Tracking/Reporting

You will be kept informed about the results we have achieved for your preschool. Here is an outline of what you can expect from your preschool’s AdWords Management service. It includes a description of the tasks we will perform, and what deliverables you can expect along the way:

Your Preschool’s AdWords Management Service
Tasks & Timeline

Month 1 Month 2 Onward

  • AdWords Account Set-up/Optimization
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Preliminary Keyword Research
  • Baseline Report Data Gathering


  • Kick-Off Call
  • Keywords For Approval
  • Ad Copy for Approval
  • Baseline Report on Key Performance Indicators
  • Your Optimized Ads Running Live on Google

  • Weekly Monitoring of Your AdWords Account
  • Bidding Review & Optimizations
  • Keyword Match Type Assessments
  • Keyword List Expansion and Reduction
  • Negative Keyword List Expansion and Reduction
  • Ad Copy A/B Testing & Optimization
  • Results Tracking/Reporting


  • Reporting on Key Performance Indicators
  • Results Review Call (end of month 6 & 12)

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and reporting takes place throughout every step of your campaign. Our preschool clients always understand our strategy, our progress, and our results. We keep a close eye on the results we have achieved for your preschool by monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your campaign. While these may vary slightly from campaign to campaign, generally these KPIs include:

  • Ad Clicks / Visits to your website
  • Ad Click-Through Rates
  • Observed increases in tours booked/enrollment

What will your preschool’s AdWords Management Service Cost?

AdWords accounts vary greatly in complexity and the time required to manage each account varies similarly.  If you would like to know more about what your schools AdWords Management service will cost, please request a free consultation.

Who is the Preschool Marketing Group?

The Preschool Marketing Group is a full-service marketing consulting and creative studio with the mission of helping preschools thrive through smart marketing. We specialize in helping preschools increase enrollment and revenue by maximizing their marketing efforts. We focus on smart, ethical, and modern marketing strategies to make sure your preschool gets the most value out of every marketing dollar spent.

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