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Wrong NAP Online? That Can Hurt Your Schools Enrollment

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In the world of online marketing for preschools, abundant local citations with accurate NAP information are critical. Your school needs to have listings in various directories, and all of those listings need to contain accurate information about your school or prospective local families may skip right over, or drive right past you.

So what are local Citations, and what is my schools NAP?

Local citations are created when any website shows your schools name, address and phone number (NAP) together on a page. These sites are often referred to as “online business directories”, or simply “directories”. Citation sites are the modern-day equivalent of the old Yellow Pages book, and they include listings like Google My Business/Google Maps, Yelp, Great Schools, and many others.

Why are these citations and correct NAP information important?

For preschools, there are three key reasons that citations with accurate NAP information are important:

  1. Google uses the abundance and consistency of citations as a factor in what position they will rank your schools website. If you want to rank higher in the organic search results in your local area, claiming and optimizing citations/online business directories with accurate NAP information is a necessity.
  2. Online directories and citation sites often show up on the first page of Google when a local family does a search for schools in your area (even when your website does not!). If you want to be found online by local families, you need to be in all of the most popular and high ranking online directories and citation sites.
  3. Recent Data suggests that 93% of local families will get frustrated by incorrect information found in online directories, 80% of them will lose trust in your school if they see incorrect or inconsistent contact details or school names listed, and 40% of families will give up looking for a school that they can’t find because the address was wrong in an online directory. If you want to keep local families happy, keep the trust factor high with them, have them be able to contact you easily, and simply be able to find your school when they want to drive on by, then your NAP needs to be correct everywhere that it’s listed online.

Common NAP issues for schools,
and the types of real world problems they cause…

  • Wrong/Inconsistent School Name – When a school named “Little Wonders Preschool and Daycare, LLC” is listed as “Little Wonders Preschool” in one place, “Little Wonders Daycare” in another, and “Little Wonders, LLC” in a third place, they are losing trust with local families and Google.
  • Wrong/Inconsistent School Address – When a schools address is listed the way “the GPS wants it” in some places, while other places have it listed the way it appears on their mail, 4 out of 10 families driving around looking at schools are giving up looking for that school and trying the next one on the list. Google is also getting mixed signals about where they are actually located, making them less likely to show that schools website to local families in search results.
  • Wrong/Inconsistent School Phone Number – When some listings for the school have the directors cell phone number shown, while others have the schools main phone number showing, that schools is confusing local families about the best way to contact them, and hurting their websites ability to rank higher in search engines.


If your not sure about how your school is being represented by online directories and citation sites, then now is the time to take a look, because having the wrong NAP information on these sites can hurt your chances of being seen and found by families in your local area. If you find inconsistencies, or wrong NAP information on any of these sites, contact them with the correct information and ask that it be shown instead.

If you don’t have the time (or patience) to stay on top of your schools citations, consider having us professionally manage your citations for you. We love this stuff!

Preschool Advertising Quick Win: Use Negative Keywords To Save Money

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If your school or day care is running AdWords, and you do not have an extensive negative keywords list in your account, then you are likely wasting some of your advertising budget by spending money on clicks you never wanted in the first place! This article will show you how this common problem happens, and how you can fix it with the use of Negative Keywords.

So what Are Negative Keywords?

Unlike the terms you enter that you want to show up for, Negative Keywords are terms you can add to your account which will prevent your ad from being shown when that word or phrase is present in the search term or phrase a family enters.

Here Is What Happens Without Negative Keywords In Place

Let’s use this example school that may look something like your school, they:

  • Are a full day Montessori preschool
  • Are located in Miami Florida
  • Are open Monday through Friday
  • Are not or do not offer a free program
  • Are advertising on AdWords for the term “preschool” (broad match/default) in the local area (Miami)
  • Have no negative keywords in place on their AdWords account

This school’s ads will show up when a family in the local area types in (or says) any of these terms/phases:

  • preschool
  • montessori preschool
  • preschool miami
  • preschool near me
  • preschool in miami open on weekends
  • waldorf preschool near me
  • free preschool in miami
  • worst preschool in miami

Those first four look pretty good, those last four, not so good. That represents half of this schools budget being wasted on families that are not going to find what they want after clicking the ad, and thus are not likely at all to enroll in this school.

This happens because Google will not make any assumptions about the school or it’s program, it will simply do as it’s asked, and show the school’s ads on all searches related to “preschool” in the local area.

Negative Keywords at Work

Let’s take the same example school above, but this time let’s say the school spends some time and effort adding a large list of negative keywords to their account. That list of negative keywords they create and add includes some important terms like:

  • worst
  • free
  • waldorf
  • weekends

Now, since they have explicitly told Google not to show their ads when a family types in (or says) any terms/phases with those words in them, their ads will no longer show up on searches they would have before like:

  • preschool open on weekends
  • waldorf preschool
  • free preschool
  • worst rated preschool in miami
  • free programs for preschool age children

This school is now less likely to waste budget by paying for clicks on searches that it never wanted to be (or even thought it ever was) showing up for in the first place.


If you are running AdWords ads for your school, be sure you are utilizing, and keeping up to date, a list of negative keywords so you can prevent wasting your advertising budget on clicks you don’t want.

To learn how to add negative keywords to your AdWords account, see Google’s help article located here:

If you don’t have the time (or patience) to stay on top of your negative keyword list, consider having us professionally manage your AdWords account for you. We love this stuff!



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